Opmetrix Version 6.6 continues its focus of improving the selling experience to your customers and developing better ways to communicate with the field team.

Key Highlights 

Low stock and out of stock indicators can be enabled to help sales teams easily see stock shortages. Check out article on how to enable and set minimum stock alerts.

Multi Select Product Group Filters and Clearing Searches

Searching and filtering the product list is faster and easier. The recently released product group drop-downs now support multi-select, allowing multiple groups to be selected in one list.

Filters and searches are now maintained throughout the sale. Viewing the subtotal and then adding more items, the previous search and filters are still applied.

Clearing searches and filters have also been improved. Clearing search text no longer resets the filters and vice versa.

Stop Credit Indicator

A stop credit indicator can be enabled. This shows in the customer list and journey plan, easily identifying customers on stop credit.

Payments Module

A new payments module enables payments to be taken with an invoice or by itself.  Customers can be tagged as 'cash only' prompting for payments with an invoice.    New Payment summary reports can be printed from the field app and new payment reports are available in the Opmetrix CMS reporting. 

Opmetrix Reporting Changes

The Sales Analysis report has be updated and is now called transactions by hour.  It shows hourly when transactions are being created helping to predict busy warehouse times.

Retail Execution

Changes to Retail Execution reporting can now include items not counted (e.g. not ticked or crossed) and reflect these in the distribution totals. Review our best practice guide on measuring distribution, Retail Execution.


The eCommerce module continues to grow rapidly with new and improved features.

  • A new 'Open Carts' reports show customers who have started but not yet completed an eCommerce order. Great for chasing up and closing sales!

  • Customers now automatically receive an email confirmation of every order they place through the eCommerce portal.

  • The product list and gallery has been improved including better scrolling through lists, adding more product filter categories and remembering if customers prefer the list mode or image catalogue to buy from.

Bugs and Fixes

Mobile App 

  • The Apple IOS11 Keyboard could affect the page layout

  • Side Number pad not showing when using Barcode Scanner

  • Recalling a held transaction in the task list did not alway recall

Opmetrix CMS

  • Supervisor logins now see the Activity feed on Outlet dashboard

  • Survey Photo gallery report was missing filters

  • Survey Photo gallery would only show the last survey photos not all

  • Calling Card Gallery Image preview was poor


  • Broken Saved lists in ecommerce when product does not exist

We hope you enjoy this new release and as always welcome your feedback or queries.  Our support team is here to help review and enable any of these new features upon request.

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