Opmetrix has a variety of options for handling stop credit warnings and indicators in the Opmetrix App.

Stop credit indicators and automated prompts are available to view when a transaction is started. The prompts may either act as a warning or force a complete stop of the sale in progress.

A field user/representative can view that a customer is on stop credit, and choose not to visit a customer as a sale will not be able to be completed.

A field user/representative can still start a store visit within Opmetrix. However, upon trying to make a sale, a field user/representative can either be warned or completely blocked from making a sale. These settings may be configured by an Opmetrix administrator; please refer to below.

WARNING: Only change if you are an Opmetrix Administrator and are confident of making this system-wide change.

Name: Stop Credit Warning
Description: Options for Stop Credit warning or halt during a sale
Opmetrix Setting:  StopCreditPreventSale
 Enable/Disable by Transaction Type

Note: If a customer is on stop credit and sits in a journey plan for the day, it is still important for a field user/representative to complete a quick calling card for that store so that journey plan compliance is not affected.

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