There are 4 methods for searching and finding products:  

These options are available from the Product List, Image Catalogue or Showcase Product screens.

Enter Search Text

Tap and enter text to find a product by code, description or barcode. 

Important:  Read the Article on Search Methods Contains & Starts With

Multi-select Product Groups

Opmetrix shows up to 8 product categories in the App screens. Product categories outline the distinguishing features of a product and may consist of elements such as brand, size, type, and so on. 

Tap on a group name and select categories required. You can select multiple categories from one group. As product groups are selected, the categories in other groups are automatically filtered based on your previous group selections.

Active product categories are outlined in green.

To clear all the selected categories in the boxes, click the X on the right hand side. The product list will revert back to show all products. 

Select Categories

Tap the Category icon at the top right to filter by categories. To reset back to showing all categories, tap the Filter icon again and select  ** ALL ** to reset.

Note: Many Opmetrix customers now use Product Groups rather than Categories as feedback indicates greater ease of use.

Select Filters

Filtering the product list by criteria helps to identify products that a customer may need to purchase or products you cannot readily sell. 

Options are

  • Ordered Only - Show only products sold in the current transaction 

  • Not ordered - Show products not included in the current transaction

  • Previously sold - Show items the customer has previously purchased

  • Previously unsold - Show items the customer has never ordered yet

  • SKUS With Images - Only show products that have an image

  • SKUS without Images - Only show products without an image

  • Only in Stock - Only show products that have stock on hand ( >0)

  • Out of Stock - Only show products that are currently out of stock

Note: By default, the Opmetrix App will remember the filter that was selected during an individual sales transaction. For example, a representative may use the filtering option to show only products in stock. If this selected, this filter will always apply when next completing future transactions within the App, and users will need to manually change the filters.

The above feature can be turned on or off within the system settings in Opmetrix. Please contact us if you would like to change this.

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