An open cart simply shows that a customer has added a product (or multiple products) to their shopping cart, but has not proceeded with an order. 

In the example below there are 6 open carts (as of all time). This figure can be found by heading to the Opmetrix CMS, clicking on the eCommerce tab, and viewing the Open Carts tile situated in the main eCommerce dashboard.

Not only does Opmetrix provide you the ability to view the number of open carts in the eCommerce portal, but also provides two further reports detailing the open cart dates, customer details, amount of products in a cart, and what the products are. 

By tapping on the Open Carts tab on the left hand side, the below report will show customer details and the number of products added to a cart.

By clicking the dig button (next to the number of products in a cart), you can drill down and view the individual product descriptions.

The above reports provide opportunities for getting in touch with customers that have a number of open carts sitting in their eCommerce portal (with the aim of chasing and closing a potential sale - or finding out otherwise what went wrong).

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