Setup Overview

To use Opmetrix BI Reporting you need a Microsoft Power BI account. You will use this account to share the reports we provide, you will also have the option to create your own reports based on your Opmetrix data. Follow the steps below to help us setup Opmetrix BI Reporting for you.

Existing Office 365 Accounts

If you already use Office 365 you can use the Office 365 portal to create a new account and assign a PowerBI licence to that account. Please contact our support if you need assistance with this. Once you have the account setup you will need to provide us the MS PowerBI account login details.

Select an e-mail address

You need to create or select an e-mail address to use for your Microsoft PowerBI login. This has to be an e-mail address using your company domain, we recommend you create a new one like or Your IT department or contractor should be able to assist with this if you need help. You will use this e-mail when creating your Microsoft PowerBI account.

Create PowerBI Account

You need to visit the Sign-up website for MS PowerBI. This will ask for the following details:

Enter the e-mail address you selected in the previous step and click 'Sign up'.

Fill in the form with your details, select a password to use for this account.  You will need to check the e-mail account for the verification code.

Provide us the details

Once you have the PowerBI account setup you will need to provide our support team with the PowerBI account login username and password.

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