In the previous article we covered creating a survey and the survey header. This article carries on and covers adding questions to the survey.

Adding Survey Questions

Once a survey has been created, select Add Question to create the first question, then enter your question text and select one of 8 different question types that will be best to use to answer the question.

Type: Two Answers

Usually a Yes/No answer; however the buttons can be changed to any two answers  eg True/False or On/Off.

Type: Input Text

A free text field where app users can type in a reply. A maximum of 500 characters can be entered for a response.

Type: Single Choice

Create the question then enter the selection of answers. The field user can select one answer (single choice).

Type: Multi Choice

Create the question then enter the selection of answers. The field user can multi select as many answers that are applicable.

Type: Rating

A rate from one star to five stars. 

Type: Instruction

An instruction helps a field user to understand how to answer a survey. It is also commonly used as a separator to show a block of questions in a longer survey as it displays in a different colour, separating the page.

Type: Photo

Photos are handy for comparing store information like displays or shelf layouts. They can be used to photograph manual forms or to capture issues like packaging faults or product feedback.

Opmetrix has specific photo gallery reports for Surveys, making them easier to review and export.

Type: Linking a document

When completing a survey, it is sometimes important to reference a master document. For example, some surveys may ask representatives to indicate whether they have presented a new product to a buyer. Linking a document (with details of the new product) to this survey would be useful.

The linked document must first be uploaded to the document distribution section of Opmetrix, then you can link it to the survey.

Type: Signature

Some surveys may require a form of confirmation; either from a representative's perspective, or a buyer's perspective. The signature question type serves this purpose. 

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