This is a practical article on how to create and manage surveys in Opmetrix. 

Before you begin, check out the best practice guide for Surveys to understand how they can fit into your business.

In a nutshell, surveys are best used to enforce mandated in-store processes on your field users and to capture customer-specific insights, data and feedback.

Survey Maintenance

Navigate to the Surveys menu section then select Survey Maintenance. An Administrator login is required to access the maintenance options. 

Any current surveys that are active this month will be displayed. 

Click Add Survey to create a new survey.

Note: use the smart search facility to change the date range, add filters, or to show more surveys.

Add Survey

When creating a survey there are three sections to complete 

  • Survey Header - The name and settings applied for this survey.

  • Questions - The questions in this survey.

  • Target - The outlets where this survey should be completed.

Survey Details

Survey Name
The name of the survey that will show in the Opmetrix field app.

Start/End Date
The survey will only be available for use during these dates. 

Note that any survey can be future dated and created in advance. It will go live when the start date is reached.

In List
The survey is accessible from the survey list in the field app. This is useful for surveys that only need completing when something specific happens e.g an accident survey, or a change of details form.

In Tasks List

The survey is on the main task list for the field user. This focuses the sales team to complete these surveys whilst in-store.


The survey shows in red in the task list. 

If the sales person exits the store, they will be reminded by the app to complete the survey. They can still exit the store, but a warning is given.

One Off

If marked one off, once the survey has been completed, it will no longer show in the task list. This is handy for surveys that only need answering once. 

Other surveys may change over time and need to be answered on each visit.

Attach to

A survey can be attached to the end of a sales transaction. For example if you process credits, you might want to ask some regular survey questions about the credit. For example, will the stock be returned to the warehouse or what is the invoice number?

Create a survey, then attach it to a transaction type, and the field user will be prompted to complete a survey before they can finalise any transaction of that specific type.

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