When someone using the Opmetrix Head Office software adds call notes or photos for a customer, an Alert will show on the mobile app of the person who is allocated that customer account. 

Alerts will only show after the first Sync following the time that the additional data was  entered using Opmetrix Head Office software so we recommend you regularly tap the Sync button to update, or switch on Auto Sync so the App syncs automatically for you. Regular syncing keeps you right up to date with any new data entered by anyone else within your organisation.

Alerts show in a slide out window at the bottom of the screen, and the Alert indicator shows the recent unread alerts. Tap on the Alerts icon (screen top right) to view more.

Alert information shows the store, who entered the note and a summary of the text. 

Tapping an Alert prompts you to start a store call so you can then review and optionally add to the customer's call note history. Typically you would select an 'out of store' visit type unless you are actually physically present at the store.

See the Beginners Guide on how to enter a store and view call notes.

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