Opmetrix Version 6.5 continues its focus of improving the selling experience to your customers and developing better ways to communicate with the field team.

Key Highlights 

New Showcase View in Product Catalogue

The new showcase display in the Opmetrix field app presents a larger image and more information on the highlighted product.  It enables field users to swipe and browse through products and customers to more easily see their purchases.

Read more about the three product views now available.

Add Calling Card Notes from Head Office

The outlet dashboard is the best way to for a Sales Manager or the customer services team to see the performance of any given customer. 

New from this dashboard is the ability to add call notes and attach photos directly.  Field app users who visit that store are notified when call notes have been added, and can action and review the information.  

The article on the outlet dashboard covers all of its features and functions.

Head Office Alerts

When a new call note is added from the head office customer dashboard, an alert is shown to field users who are allocated that customer.  

Check out the article on call note alerts.

Multiple Photos on Calling Cards

One of the most frequently requested field app features is to allow more than one photo on a calling card note.  

The calling card has now been re-designed to allow multiple photos, either taken live or uploaded from the camera roll. All calling card head office reports have been updated to display multiple photos.  

Read the Calling Card article for further details.

Photo Selection - Take Photo or Upload

All other audits such as Surveys, Sales,  Promotions or Distribution where you can add a photo have now been updated with a selector, so field users can choose to take a photo, or upload an existing photo from their camera roll.

App Filters and Product Group Dropdowns

The field app filter bar has been replaced with app indicators (yellow triangles) so it's easy to spot when you have a product or customer filter applied. The last version update introduced product group drop-downs, and in this version they have been re-designed for easier use.

Opmetrix eCommerce Portal

The Opmetrix eCommerce module has been well received since it was released in December.  It works really well as a self service customer ordering portal.  

My Saved Lists

Customers can now create their own personal favourite shopping lists. This feature is useful for those customers who order certain items regularly, or wish to make re-ordering a simple and fast process.  

Check out the my saved lists article.

Other Changes, Improvements and Fixes

  • ECOMMERCE - Was displaying a group code rather than the group name - fixed

  • ECOMMERCE - not visible products still showed the product group - fixed

  • CMS - The dashboard smart search now allows you to filter visit types

  • CMS - The filters on the Time in Store report were not working - fixed

  • CMS - the Excel output on the Time in store did not export all results - fixed

  • APP - Catalogue: long descriptions would obscure the stock on hand - fixed

  • APP - Resuming a Survey would delete previously taken survey photos - fixed

We hope you enjoy this new release and as always welcome your feedback or queries.  Our support team is here to help review and enable any of these new features upon request.

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