Calling cards are a fast and easy way to record customer call notes.  They can be notes about your most recent visit, product feedback, issues or any other matters or customer feedback to remember so you in future can better service your customer.

Call cards are viewable in Call Note History, they are searchable, and they can be shared if any further action by someone else is needed.

We recommend that for each Store Visit you complete at least one call card to record your store activity; however you can create as many as you need.

Entering a Calling Card

The Calling Card task is always available at the top of the task list. Tap on it to start a new calling card.

Complete the drop down fields including Call Type, Met with and Activity to record quick details.  

Tip : You can multi-select as many activities your completed or contacts you met with.

Enter notes of any details you wish to capture. You can enter multiple paragraphs.

Escalating a Call Card

If you wish to escalate a call note (for example a product issue) select the email to option and select from the team available. The selected people will then receive an email with all of the details plus any photos. 

Adding Photos

Photos can be added using the camera or you can select a previously taken photo from your camera roll.

You can add multiple photos to a calling card, and once added, tap on the photo to view or delete it. We recommend a maximum of 6 photos per calling card.

Editing a Call Card

While you are in the current store call, Calling Cards can be edited, updated or deleted. Please note that once you exit and save the store call, the related Calling Card can be viewed but you can no longer edit it.

To edit or delete, select Call Notes from the left hand menu then select the edit or delete options as needed for the related Call Notes.  

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