It’s a sales manager's role to increase productivity of their team. You try to be aware of everything that’s happening while you’re in the office, but often managers are travelling, off-site with customers and busy at promotional events. Or, what if your field team covers large territories and spends a lot of time selling on the road?

We are not talking micro-management here, it’s just part of your job to always keep an eye on your team’s progress towards sales goals, wherever you or they may be. That's where Opmetrix Route Maps shines. Here’s how you can keep an eye on your field users remotely.

Opmetrix Route Maps

Route Maps is an interactive map designed to enhance performance and team productivity. The location display provides a bird’s-eye view of your field team, with the ability to view current location, activity, sales totals and more.

What are your field users really doing this week? You don’t have to be there, you already have the data at your fingertips that will tell you exactly what they’re up to.

Using Opmetrix Route Maps

Select the Route map option on the left side bar to bring up Route Maps. Your field team is shown in the Route Maps Panel. Select a field user to 'fly' to their location then drill down on the available options to discover more.

How Often does the Map Update?

The map view updates automatically every 60 seconds. Any field user's position and status is updated every time they either start a store visit, exit a store visit, or complete a sync. 

Field Team Status

Field users shown in green are currently not with customers or on a store visit. Field users shown in red are currently in a store.  

Team Performance Metrics

Select any of the Quick Reports, (listed with icons as in the two screens above) namely Visits, Sales and Time Card, to quickly show you that field user's performance:

  • Where are they now? - Shows the filed user's location and current status. Are they with a customer and for how long?

  • How are they servicing customers? - See the number of calls completed today and the time spent with each customer.

  • What hours did they work? - At a glance check what time a field user started their first call of the day and how much is active face to face time.

  • What are their sales figures? - Check the value of orders placed today.

Customer Performance Metrics

Route Maps helps managers to check customers are receiving great service. By showing customers geographically on a map, managers can interactively view customer sales, call notes and a 360 degree dashboard of how a customer is being managed. Great service is the key to customer loyalty and increased spend.

Select the Outlets Layer and enable outlets on the map by ticking the Outlet Map.  

Search or navigate using the map to a highlight a customer then use the quicklinks to review that customer. More information on how to use the outlet dashboard is available here

Pro Tips

  • Press F11 to make the Opmetrix Route Maps Full screen.

  • Hold down both mouse buttons to tilt and rotate the map.

  • Toggle between field and outlets list by pinning them to the screen.

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