Opmetrix Version 6.3  introduces a dynamic new tool that enables you to see the productivity of a field team - we call it Opmetrix HQ.

HQ is an interactive map designed to enhance performance and team productivity. The location display provides a bird's-eye view of your field team, with the ability to view current location, activity, sales totals and more.

Check out the article on how to use Opmetrix HQ or continue to read other key highlights in this release.

Key CMS Highlights 

Add Tags to Documents in OpDocs (Offline Document Distribution)

OpDocs has been a widely used feature for Opmetrix users adding the ability to upload and share documents to the field team. Now when adding a document, custom tags can be added which will enable the field team to easily locate a document by filtering to a tag.

Each document can have up to 5 tags added, enabling a document to be cross referenced under multiple categories.

Journey Plan Bulk Editing in Excel

Journey Plan data can now be tagged and exported to Excel for bulk changes. Once the changes are saved in Excel, the file can be re-imported which updates the Journey Plan rules. Our customer services are happy to assist with some online training for Opmetrix Administrators who would like to master this process.

Retail Execution (Merchandising) Maintenance

Previously sites using the Retail Execution (Merchandising) module maintained these audits via Excel. Audits can now be maintained directly in the Opmetrix CMS making the administration process faster and easier.

Promo Compliance

A new option to optionally include Promo Compliance in the field teams task list has been added. This helps to ensure that priority tasks stay in full view within the task list.

Key Field App Highlights 

Upload Photos from the Camera Roll

When creating calling cards there is now an option to either take a photo or upload a previously taken photo from the camera roll. This has been a common request and we are pleased to now make this available.

Other smaller changes to the field app include:

  • Survey text box now auto expands when adding a long comment

  • Barcode users can now see the stock on hand in the product list

  • Fix for Barcode users where the number pad overlapped the barcode button

  • Repeating an order/invoice can now re-price to current pricing (required setting change)

Field users now have access to this online help system so they can get the most out of their Opmetrix App.  

This is the release notice that Field users will see after they update

We hope you enjoy this new release and we welcome your feedback or contact if you require any training or support for your system.

The Opmetrix Team

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