There are two main methods to add up-sell features to the eCommerce home page.

Feature Template

One featured template can be added to the home page. It will feature items from a sales template and includes product images and the promotional price. Customers can add items to their cart directly from the home page.

The example below features Christmas Specials.

Quick Pick Templates

Create quick pick templates to promote things like new products, or end of line stock. Quick pick templates can also be targeted to be visible to only certain customers. For example, a range of specials that only apply to a banner group of stores.  Templates have start and end dates which is useful for fixed dates or monthly promotions.

See the article on Sales Templates to learn how to add and apply sales templates to the Opmetrix field app and/or Opmetrix eCommerce.

Setting the Feature Template

Once the sales template is created you can set one template to appear as the feature template. Navigate to eCommerce then Settings and select the setting 'Featured Template'. Select from the available sales templates and save.

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