Once registered and logged into Opmetrix eCommerce, customers see the custom themed site.

If a featured template or promotional specials have been enabled, these may also be visible on the home screen.  

Under that, customers will see their recent transaction history. This transaction history shows historical orders placed through eCommerce or within the Opmetrix App. Customers can preview them by selecting the view option.


Customers can logout whenever they wish.  If they have partially completed any order (have items in the cart) these partially completed orders will still be visible when they next login from any device.

Start Ordering

Select the Start order button (top right) to begin adding items to the cart.  

Ordering Functions

Select Add to add an item to the cart or enter the required quantity and then press add. The item line will show how many items of the items are already in the cart.

Sales History

The history column indicates purchases over the last 3 months and the bars represent if the item quantities purchased are increasing or decreasing. No bar indicates no sales that month.

Tap or hover over the bar indicator to see details of Sales History.

Filter To Previous Sales

In the Sales Filter, select "Show previously ordered" and the list will be filtered to items purchased in the last 3 months. This is a fast way for customers to complete a 'top up order' or quickly replenish regularly purchased items.

Image Catalogue

Switch between the product list and image catalogue. Multiple images (up to 3) can be uploaded against a product. The order that the images appear against a product can be specified. The main display image can also be specified.

Detail View

The detail view is best used to display short facts about a product to entice a user to further drill down and view more information about it. In the screenshot above, the size of the product and a short description is displayed. 

Full Page View

The drill down (full page view) can be found by simply clicking on the product name. In the screenshot above, a large number of information is present about a product allowing users to further evaluate their purchasing decision.

Review Cart / Complete the Order

Select the Cart icon at anytime to review the current order or complete it. 

From the Review Cart screen item quantities can be edited, the cart emptied (cancels order) or the customer can continue to add products.

Confirm Order

Complete the Order No (Customers Purchase Order Number) if requried, select the date for delivery (or leave blank) and optionally add a note.   

Submitting the order completes the process. It cannot be edited/cancelled after this point. The customer must contact the you (the vendor) directly if any alteration is needed.

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