Reviewing how customers use eCommerce enables you to make changes to increase sales growth, promote different products and ensure customer satisfaction remains high.

eCommerce Dashboard

Opmetrix eCommerce provides a dashboard indicating current trends and usage. It is the default view when you select the eCommerce tab from the Opmetrix CMS

Invited Vs Registered

The number of people invited to use eCommerce that have responded to the email invitation and set their password on their account.  

Aim :  If the customer response is low, then they may need a more hands on approach to get started with eCommerce rather than an email.

Customers Sales (30 Days)

The number of people (invited and registered) that have placed orders via eCommerce in the last 30 days

Customer Sales (all time)

The number of people (invited and registered) that have ever placed an order via eCommerce

Aim : This is called the 'global adoption rate' and is the most comprehensive statistic, because it takes into account both:

• The quality of your marketing efforts in driving awareness and registration on your portal.

• The quality of your buyers' experience in driving repeat usage of your eCommerce portal.

In order to improve your global adoption rate, you may need to improve your marketing efforts, your buyer experience, or a combination of the two.

Transactions by Month

The volume of transactions (orders) for the last 12 months.

Sales $ Value by Month

The value of transactions (orders) for the last 12 months.

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