The first customer you should invite to your eCommerce site is yourself!  By inviting yourself you can understand the process and review the page settings such as colours and logos that you have set as outlined in the previous help article.

Once you are comfortable with the site, only then do we recommend you invite one or two customers who you know really well and with whom you enjoy a great relationship; spend some quality time with them reviewing how they they use the system and get all the feedback you can. 

This can only help ensure that all systems are 100% good to go before inviting more customers. Good customer service and 100% foolproof and failproof functionality is vital for eCommerce success, so take your time and test everything really well before going to full go-live.

We recommend before you go live, after reading all the help articles, that you make a simple Project Plan detailing who does what, when and how, along with who else needs to know about what's going on, that covers every step of the process until you go live with real customers.

Invite yourself to eCommerce

From the eCommerce Tab in the Opmetrix CMS, select the Customer icon in the left menu.

A list of customers are displayed, along with the number of eCommerce logins that the customer already has, and any outstanding pending invites. A pending invite is where an email has been sent to the customer but the customer has not yet registered.

Usual Smart Search and category filtering is available to locate any customer.

Select the edit icon (Pen) to add a login for a customer

Add their full name and email address. For testing, add your name and email address to a customer's account, and then select Save.

Email Confirmation

An email confirmation with invitation details and a link to set a password will be automatically sent. Emails are usually sent within one minute.  If the email does not arrive in your inbox, check your Junk/Spam folders; corporate email filters can often block these kinds of emails.

Set Password

The email link will navigate to the Opmetrix eCommerce store where a password can be set.   

Note: The password must be at least 8 Characters with a Capital letter and at least one number. 

Substituting numerals for vowels is one easy way to create relatively complex but easy to remember passwords. For example; C4ptC00k (CaptCook), T4r4n4k1 (Taranaki), D4nnyL33 (Danny Lee), BB4rr3tt (B Barrett) and so on. You may come up with your own simple method to make passwords as secure as possible.

Sign In

Registration is complete. Sign into your account with email and password. If the password is forgotten, clicking the forgot password link will send an email to enable a reset.

eCommerce is ready

You can now see your site and colour theme. Use the eCommerce settings in the Opmetrix CMS to make changes then refresh this eCommerce page to see the theme updates.

Remember: This will be a live system

You can create orders; however if you submit an order it will also be sent through to your accounting system, so these test orders will need to be manually deleted or otherwise stopped to avoid dispatch. 

Ensure you have everyone in your organisation up to speed with any testing and process issues. It pays to get all this done before going live with real customers.

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