Opmetrix mobile printing supports printing an order, invoice or credit directly to a compatible mobile printer; however mobile printing can also be used to email a copy directly from the tablet, or save a copy in another file format.  

Here's How

Select a customer and start a normal store call. You will now see the Sales History panel for this customer.

Select the transaction you wish to email, save or print and then select the print button. The printing options for your tablet are then shown.

These printing options will vary based on the App and services you have installed; however typically email, print and file saving options will be available. Talk to your Opmetrix Administrator if the option you want is not shown.

  • To Email: Select your default Email App and a PDF of the transaction you have selected will be attached to the email

  • To Print: Select Print or the specific print app you have installed for your printer to print the transaction you have selected

  • To File: Select Save to file or if you have a service such as Dropbox installed, an option will be available to save the transaction directly to Dropbox

Note : If the print option is not displayed in your App, contact support and we can easily enable this option.

Example of Save to File Options

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