What is it?

The Bridge is a configurable SAAS utility installed on a local or hosted Windows server that is used to communicate with the Opmetrix CMS hosted in the Cloud.

The Bridge also logs its own activity for assistance if any troubleshooting is required.

What does it do?

Utilising a unique token, the Bridge manages the scheduling of the 4 main server processes (for integrated systems where applicable) via the Data connection to the CMS in the Cloud.

Uploading Master data from ERP to the cloud

     Configurable: Path and frequency

     Formats: Flat file or ODBC

Downloading the Transactions collected by the Tablets from the cloud

     Configurable: Path and frequency

     Formats: CSV, KFI, ODBC (ERP relative)

Uploading the Image changes to the Image catalogue in the cloud

     Configurable: Path and frequency

Uploading the sales history from the ERP

     Configurable: Path and frequency

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