There are many smartphone devices available and often business will employ a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device Policy).  We recommend the following key considerations for smartphone compatibility with Opmetrix.

Key considerations

  • Smartphones should support WiFi + Cellular (have their own SIM card)

  • Avoid entry level smartphones. Their processing speed tends to be very slow

  • Smartphone platform - Apple or Android Operating system

Apple - Minimum Operating Systems

  • Apple iPhone 6 or higher

  • iOS12 (or higher) - iOS14 is current release

  • 32 Gb Storage¬†

  • WiFi + Cellular connectivity

Android - Minimum Operating Systems

  • Android tablet with a minimum of an 4" display

  • Android version 6 or higher - current is version 11

  • 4 Gb storage

  • 2 Gb RAM

  • WiFi + Cellular connectivity

FAQ for BYOD Devices

How much free storage do I need on my phone?

We recommend at least 1 GB of free storage space to install Opmetrix on any device.

How much mobile data does Opmetrix Team use per month?

Opmetrix does not consume large amounts of mobile data. On average Opmetrix may use a few hundred megabytes of mobile data per month per field user.

Do I need insurance cover for Opmetrix Team devices?

Generally personal devices are not covered under a business insurance policy. Therefore, field users who use their own device should be made aware their own personal insurance policy will need to cover this.

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