OpDocs is built  in document storage for Opmetrix.  Documents including PDF, Word, Excel and even video can be uploaded then synchronised to the  field team, to view offline, such as price catalogues or promotion sheets.

To Add and Maintain Documents

Document Distribution can be found in the Administrators section of the Opmetrix CMS. There is 50 MB of storage space available per Opmetrix site. The total amount used and available is displayed. 

Click the Add Document button.

Select Choose Files

Browse your PC/Network for Documents, supported file types include - PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, JPG, PNG, MP4. Multi-select is available for uploading multiple documents at one time.


Start / End Date   

The document will only be available on the field teams devices from the start to the end date.  This allows documents to be pre-loaded and ensure they expire and are automatically removed.  This option is useful for documents such as monthly specials


Documents can be targeted to so that only relevant documents appear when in a customer call.  For example only show Coles documents when in Coles stores.  All Documents are viewable when not in a store/customer visit. 

Multiple Targets can be added by Outlet, Customer Category, Supervisor or Device.

Note : Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Save to store the document.


Tags can be added onto various documents or photos that are uploaded in the CMS portal. Tags are simply labels that are attached to various documents to allow field users to easily identify and distinguish documents from each other. 

To add tags to a document, simply upload a document by clicking the add document button in the document distribution section as above. A pop up box should appear (see below). This box contains a sub section labelled tags. Press the + add button under this label to type in a tag. 

Please note: multiple tags can be added to a document or picture. The system is not limited to one tag per document. In this example, one tag has been used.

This same process can also be done when adding tags to other file types - i.e. pictures.

In the Opmetrix app, the tags will be displayed as headers within the document section. In this example, various documents with tags are shown. These tags are labelled as 'forms, manuals and promos'.

To view the document in this example, we can navigate to the manuals header (as per the tag made). The document should appear, as well as any other documents that have been tagged as manuals. In this case, only one document has been tagged with this label.


  • The maximum file size for and individual file (eg a video) is 64 Mb.

  • Opmetrix does not remove documents after the expiry date, so its a good idea to regularly housekeep and remove documents that are no longer required.

Further Information

See how documents can be accessed by field users - viewing documents in the app
Version 6.3 CMS release
Version 6.3 App release

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