Unable to transfer try again later (0)

This error indicates that the device cannot communicate with the Opmetrix Cloud to complete a synchronisation. 

Please check the following:

Check Signal Strength

Make sure you have enough signal for a viable internet connection.

Check the signal strength of your internet connection (3G or Wifi).  A low or non-existent signal strength can prevent a sync completing properly.

Check Internet Connectivity 

Make sure the internet is working for you. 

Open a web browser on the device and check you can do a basic Google search, open your company web page or perhaps open a major news site (a website that you would expect to be always up and running) and check the latest story.

Check Your Internet Provider

Make sure your internet provider is enabling internet access for you.

If you use 'pre-pay' mobile data your mobile data plan may have expired or you may have exceeded your allocated data cap. Perhaps your account hasn't been paid on time. Occasionally major internet providers can have outages that will stop your internet access. There are several reasons your provider may not be providing you with internet access. 

Check all your provider's settings that you can on your device and/or call your internet provider's help number.

Next Steps

  • Turn the device into flight mode (disable internet) then turn it back on

  • Reset the device with a full power off 

Do contact the Opmetrix support team to get more help if the suggestions above don't fix your Sync problem.

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