The New Zealand FMCG industry has been a leader in health and safety improvement for many years. 

The Food & Grocery Council (FGC) has been at the heart of many new safety initiatives, including the hugely successful Safe In-Store Pass (SISP) developed jointly by the FGC and Intuto.

While wearing the physical SISP Pass Card in store is still required, field users can register their SISP details directly within the Opmetrix App and can then tap and display a digital copy of the pass. 

Further enhancements such as reminders to renew the pass (every two years) helps improve compliance. 

Opmetrix are proud to integrate SISP functionality within the Opmetrix Team product.

Employers benefit too. 

As passes are often paid and issued to individuals, the Opmetrix reporting system summarises a list of all users in the field including their current SISP details, which ensures that businesses can check that all their team are safe to be in-store and have the required credentials including safety and food handling statuses.

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