Any report in Opmetrix can be stored as a Saved Report. You can describe your Saved Reports with unique names and they can retain all the filters and date fields, so its easy to retrieve and use the same report in future.

You can see the list of available  by selecting the saved reports dropdown marked with a Heart on left of the very top menu.

Selecting the list displays the saved reports that are available. Your saved report list is not shared. The reports you create are for your login only.

Setting Dates on Saved Reports

Saved reports should not be set with fixed dates, using the Capture Date Start and End fields. Instead, use the Reporting Period drop down in the filters menu to show a list of commonly used reporting periods. That way, whenever you run the report, the dates will update to the current time period you are working in (e.g. this week, this month and so on).

Saving a report

Once the report is set with the filters and reporting period you want, click Save and give the report a name. We recommend putting a time period in the name (e.g. "Weekly list of store visits" or "Daily list of store visits") which will help when locating a report later on.

Removing/Editing Saved Reports

A Saved Report can be deleted from your list or the name and description of the saved report can be updated by selecting Report Maintenance from the saved reports list. Click delete to remove a saved report.

Editing a saved report

  • You can change the name of a saved report by first clicking on the Edit icon of that report and changing the description in the Name field.
  • You can assign a report to any other user by using the Assign-To: drop down box.
  • You can add a friendly description in the Description field which will be shown when the report is printed.
  • You can select to show the saved reports in your dropdown list of saved reports. Saved reports are also used to build report decks (portfolios). Sometimes if you have many reports in a portfolio you may not want these reports to clutter your drop down list, hence the option to show or not.

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