The Time in Store report is available under the Field Performance section of the left side menu.

The Time in Store report is available to Administrators, Supervisors and field users. Data is restricted based on the level of access.

Each line displays data for an individual visit - the Outlet ID, Outlet Name, Start Time, End Time, Device Login (who made the visit), Visit Type, Time Taken and Location Status.

For location status, there are four possible colour codes shown.

  • Green Indicator - The Start and End co-ordinates correctly matched the Outlet's geocode.
  • Orange Indicator - Either the Start or End co-ordinates matched the Outlet's geocode, but the other did not.
  • Red Indicator - No co-ordinates matched the Outlet's geocode.
  • Grey Indicator - The Outlet does not have a geocode, the GPS was not active on the device or the co-ordinates could not register at the time of the visit.

Clicking Dig next to Outlet ID and Outlet name will show details for that Outlet. 

Clicking the coloured Location Status icon will show a map that shows any disparity between the Start or End co-ordinates. 

For a valid visit, the green dot indicates the store while the green arrows show the start and end visit locations.

Select the Outlet, Start or Finish from the title bar to move the centre of map focus to that location.

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