Management Reports can be accessed by clicking any one of the following tabs visible along the main row of menu tabs on the left of your screen - Dashboards, Commerce, CRM, Field Team, Retail Execution, Dispatch, and Settings. 

Note that your Opmetrix system may not have all modules activated; in other words, you'll only be able to see and access reports from modules that have been activated in your Opmetrix system.

Each report is listed under its relevant menu heading and links to a separate article describing that report in detail. If a link to the report you want isn't shown, please contact Support for help.

In many of these reports, you can click Email, Save, Export or Print to perform that action to the report results as well as being able to use smart search or filter function to filter the results. 

The following control panel will be shown above the report results in all such instances.

The filter function provides a powerful range of capabilities.

You access filter functions by clicking on the two downward chevrons just to the right of the smart search box. 

You can filter report results by a wide variety of parameters which might include start date, end date, reporting period, outlet type, specific outlet, state, region, territory, territory supervisor and many more. Note that filtering options depend on your master data so that different systems can have different filtering capabilities.

The fields that can be filtered will naturally also vary by individual report so we recommend you try them all out with each report as you go so as to learn the scope and get used to the various functions that can be used for each report.

An example of a filter screen is shown below. Note that the Clear Filters (left) and Apply Filters (right) buttons are at the bottom of the filter area.

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