Opmetrix supports MYOB AccountRight versions 2014.1 onwards (which no longer support the ODBC driver). The newest version of MYOB tested (at the time of writing this article) is 2018.3. It connects to the MYOB AccountRight API to send and receive data - see http://developer.myob.com/api/accountright/v2/ .

MYOB's latest AccountRight can store the company file either on-premise or in the Cloud.  See http://help.myob.com/wiki/display/ar/Put+your+company+file+online about how to upload the local .myox file to the cloud. 

The cloud storage is the recommended way to use the new integration, as this does not require a bridge install on the client's computer, it is all "Cloud to Cloud". AccountRight cloud requires an AccountRight Live subscription (monthly cost) to use. On-premise installs do not need a Live subscription.

The AccountRight API supports all versions of AccountRight, for both NZ and AU as well as AccountRight Basics, Standard, Plus and Premier.

Things that aren't supported by the API, that were supported by AccountRight Classic:

  • Aged balances - only the Current Balance is available by the API.  This was previously calculated by ourselves via ODBC for Classic, and it is unlikely that aged balances will ever be added to the API.
  • Quotes - coming in a newer (currently unreleased) version of the API.

Differences from manual CSV files:

  • Tax-inclusive pricing is fully supported. Products are converted to tax inclusive/exclusive pricing in Opmetrix based on the setting in Opmetrix HQ, so that all pricing is consistent.


There is a slightly different setup procedure needed, depending if the company file is stored in the Cloud (preferred) or On-Premise.


Opmetrix needs to be connected with AccountRight Live. To do this, an MYOB user would need to visit https://www.opmetrix.com/oauth/myob/ and follow the links, sign into their MYOB account, pick a company file and then copy-paste the details in an email to support@opmetrix.com. We use these details to configure the connection in Opmetrix.


We would need to install the bridge on a machine that runs MYOB. An IT support person may be required to open up a firewall if a Sales History feed is required. 

Cloud & On-Premise

  • We need the name of the MYOB company file being used.
  • We need the MYOB AccountRight company file User ID and Password (these are NOT the my.myob.com login details), eg. "Administrator" for the user and nothing for the password.

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