Opmetrix integrates to many accounting systems. Further integration of data can be achieved using Zapier.

Zapier is an automation platform that enables users to connect Opmetrix data to over 1,000 other apps without needing to be a developer.

With Zapier, users can create a 'Zap' which allows users to automatically respond to a 'trigger' and create an 'action' to perform when that trigger happens. For example, users may want a trigger so that when a new contact is created in Opmetrix, an action fires to add that contact to the user's Office 365 address book for later follow up.

Zapier Examples

  • When a sale is made over a set value in Opmetrix, send an automatic message to a users 'Slack' messaging system.
  • Add a prospect in Opmetrix and have it automatically added to  'Pipedrive' for follow up by the sales team.
  • Add a calling card in Opmetrix and have it synchronise with another CRM system.

Setting Up Zapier

First create a Zapier account, then connect to the Opmetrix integration. 

Once that's done, create a Zap.

Step 1 - Select Opmetrix as the Trigger

First, pick Opmetrix as the trigger app (may need to search for it in the search box).

Pick the source data that the trigger is for. In this example "New Contact" is chosen as the trigger.

Login to the Opmetrix account to let Zapier look for new data.  Click the 'Connect an Account' button to start that process.  

Once connected to the Opmetrix account once, Zapier will remember it and give an option to re-use that account for other Zaps in the future.

Zapier will then ask to create a new Contact in Opmetrix to test that everything is set up correctly, and so that it can personalise all the following screens.  

Click the "Skip this Step" button to use a sample contact that Opmetrix created (rather than creating a contact in Opmetrix on the fly).

Click the contact so that it has the blue circle next to it like in the above screenshot. Click "Continue with Default Sample" if using the Opmetrix sample contact, otherwise click "Continue".

The trigger has now been created in Zapier! Now perform an action on the contact trigger. Send that contact into Office 365 (an Office 365 account will need to be created already).  

Search for Office 365 in the Action search box.

Then pick the "Create Contact" option.

Connect to the Office 365 account.

Select the fields from Opmetrix to use from the various fields listed in Office 365. To do this, click on the + symbol to the right of the bar, and pick the Opmetrix field to use.

 For this example, provide the 'First name' from Opmetrix into the First Name.

Fill in the rest of the fields as per the requirements and then click the 'Continue' button at the bottom of the screen. 

Click the blue 'Send Test to Office 365' button to create this contact in Office 365 and make sure that everything is working, or the grey 'Skip Test' button to not save this contact for now.

Click 'Finish' at the bottom of the screen, give the Zap a name and enable it.

Additional steps e.g. to filter to only specific types of Contacts can be added to a Zap. 

To learn more about filters and other advanced topics, please view the excellent Zapier documentation at https://zapier.com/learn/getting-started-guide/filters/.

Other important things to know:

  • Zapier is free to use for up to 5 zaps. After this limit is reached, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan.
  • Zaps will only trigger on new events, e.g. creating a new contact - not editing an existing one.
  • Zaps will only trigger every 15 minutes on the free plan. Upgrading to a higher level can make triggers run every 5 minutes instead.

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