Opmetrix Version 6.8 is packed with new features to help the field team increase time management and productivity, along with strong improvements to analytics, reporting and administrative tasks.

Key Highlights 

Survey Module

Surveys have had major enhancements with two new question types, including the ability to capture signatures and link documents to display in a survey. 

In addition, the new conditional answers option enables complex workflows to be followed (conditional or branching logic) that can include additional questions depending on how a previous question was answered.  

For all the details check out the new survey article or watch the video below.

Accessing Call Notes outside of a store visit

The new history option in the Opmetrix Mobile App enables field teams to view all their call notes for all customers, then search and filter to show any notes or photos for which they may be looking.

This has been a much requested feature to help field users review their notes and history at any time. A how-to article is available for field teams to learn these new features.

Opmetrix HQ (CMS) Features and Changes

Document Distribution Administration

More features have been added so that uploading documents is easier. Changes include:

  • The ability to search for a document using smart search
  • To search or filter by document tags
  • New sortable columns showing the start and end date of a document
  • A 'remove expired' button. This will remove all documents that have passed their end (expiry) date, which frees up more space to load new documents

Change Settings on an individual Device login basis

Features can be enabled for some users and restricted for other users. The default Opmetrix settings can now be overridden for a specific user in a new section called User App Settings.

Some examples of this feature in use are outlined below:

  • Disable credits overall but allow Regional Managers to process credits
  • For invoices, default the warehouse/location for one user, and default a different warehouse for another user

These App user settings are focused on transactions and warehouses. Future versions will extend to more individual settings such as price override or discount override options.

Outlet Master Report

The Outlet Master report has two new columns displaying the last date a store was visited, and the number of days since a visit to that store has been completed.

This is useful for managers to review with their field team, as store visits that have been missed or stores are overdue for a visit can be readily identified. 

Read the article for more details on how to access this report.

Other Mobile App New Features and Changes

In Store Visit Timer

Opmetrix now includes a store visit timer to help field users keep track of the duration of a customer visit. If a journey plan has an allocated time set for an appointment, this will display to the field user, along with the remaining duration of the visit.  

An article to help field users is here.

Add Notes to Journey Plan Rules

A note can be added to a journey plan rule. The note will appear in the journey plan list for a field user to act as a reminder once in store. Journey plan notes are handy to help field users focus on particular tasks during a store visit, or to act as a reminders in store.  

Notes are added in the Opmetrix HQ (CMS) when adding or editing rules. Combine writing a note, and adding a duration for a journey plan call and field users will be better focused and on task!

Save Photos to device Camera Roll

A new feature in the option menu can enable photos taken in Opmetrix to be saved to the device's camera roll. Saved photos can then be re-used for other purposes such as emailing a copy of the photo, or using it in conjunction with another app. 

Check out the article to enable this feature

Other Notable Features and Changes

Print Layout

Printing from the subtotal screen will include the words ** DRAFT ** at the top of the page. A draft transaction can still be edited so it is important to note that it is a draft on the print-out.

Product Group drop downs auto filter

Product groups now match the products available. For example, if you select a warehouse/location that only has some products in it, the product groups will only have the categories that match those available products. (Previously they showed all categories.)

Optional Settings that can be enabled per site

Preserve filters - a setting to always keep set filters on even between sales. By default, the filters reset when starting a new transaction. A new option to keep them permanently on is available. This is useful for when selling items in stock only.

Use unit quantity as the default sales quantity - this is useful in scenarios where items are sold in multiples of units (e.g. 10 units). If this setting is enabled, the item quantity loads with the default unit.

Extend product search to include barcode - the search setting can be extended so when a barcode is entered (or part of), it will be included in the product search.

B2B eCommerce Features

Opmetrix customers using the B2B eCommerce Portal can allow their customers to place their own orders through Opmetrix. There are many new changes and enhancements made to the eCommerce portal including a new detail view to show custom product fields, a quick view and full page product view.


Updated mobile apps are available in the Apple, Android and Windows app stores.  We encourage all users to update to the latest version.

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