Multi branch / locations for products is available in the Opmetrix App. 

This enables System Administrators to define on a granular basis which 'Warehouse(s)' is/are associated with any given Product. If this feature is enabled, the 'Warehouse' field will display when starting any sales transaction.

Note: The label 'Warehouse' can be renamed in settings so it may appear as 'Branch' or 'Location'. The field can also be locked in so may not be selectable for any given product. This enables the most flexible approach in associating product(s) with any specific fulfilment location(s).

Selecting a Warehouse

When a warehouse is selected, the following happens:

  • Only the products available in that warehouse (eg Van1) are displayed in the product list and image catalogue.
  • The Stock On Hand quantities display the stock for that selected warehouse location.

Tapping on the stock on hand figure will display stock available in other warehouses

Product Group drop-downs only show the categories that are available for products that exist in the currently selected warehouse.  

Transactions with Warehouses

If the Warehouses feature is enabled, then the warehouse selected in Opmetrix is the one from where stock will be removed when and if the transaction is imported back into your accounting ERP system.

You cannot select multiple warehouses from within one sales transaction; instead you must create separate orders, one for each warehouse location required.

Advanced Options

The following options can be enabled via Opmetrix Settings

  • Default location to a transaction type. E.g. Invoices might default to the Warehouse location Van 1, while orders might default to the local shipping warehouse.
  • Adjust stock on hand. As transactions are completed, Opmetrix can increase or decrease the stock on hand. Setting are available as to which transactions alter stock level movements.
  • Maintain Local Stock. If Warehouse stock is not available in your accounting ERP system, Opmetrix has an option to maintain stock levels for warehouses manually.
  • Prevent Selling items that are out of stock.  Read the article
  • Set Low Stock and Out of Stock Warning indicators . Read the article

Contact us to help you enable any of these options.

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