Opmetrix has 3 Product Views (List, Image, Showcase) which enable you to quickly enter sales orders, show products in an online catalogue or display any single product in detail.

The Product View can be changed any time on the product screen by selecting any of the List, Image or Showcase Icons

List View

Use List View for the fastest way to enter multiple items during sales order entry. Enter the quantity required in the Today Qty column for each product. 

In List View you can also tap an individual product's description (as shown with the red dotted line in the screen below) to access more detailed functionality such as setting a discount or adding notes.

Image View

Image View shows a product catalogue view including associated pictures and detail.

There are 4 size views available. Tap the + or - buttons on the image zoom control below the Opmetrix logo as shown below to change the image size.

Tap on the picture to enter the qty sold and details. The qty sold is then displayed with a white number in red dot superimposed on top of the product's picture, as shown below.

Showcase Display

Showcase Display shows a larger image and more information on the highlighted product.

Swiping the main item display left or right scrolls through the catalogue one product at a time.

Swipe left or right the film roll slider above the large product picture to quickly scroll through the catalogue and tap any smaller picture to select that product.

To enter a sales qty use the + or - icons in the bottom right of the screen or tap the Advanced icon to access more detail such as discounts or adding notes.

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