The Opmetrix job dispatch module provides live visibility of the location and status of field teams, along with real-time updates on jobs scheduled or in progress.

Key Features

  • A live map and dashboard for job dispatchers.
  • Job creation, scheduling and status tracking through to job completion.
  • Job notification to field users via text message or App with reply option to accept/reject.
  • Job updates with customer job statuses (eg waiting on parts, needs billing).

Live Location

The Opmetrix field app automatically sends location updates to the dispatch dashboard. This technology is based on geo-fencing. Movement of more than 50 metres outside the current geo-fence triggers an update to the dispatch board. This method greatly enhances device battery life and reduces mobile data costs as updates are only sent on movement.

Interactive Map

Select Map Icons to display and interact with jobs and discover actual job start times, duration and last status updates.

User Filter

Select a field user's map icon and instantly see if they are available or how long they have been on their current job, then quickly filter to their job list to review pending or overdue jobs.

Customer Filter

Search and fly interactively to customer locations. Review any field user's current dispatch jobs, Details or add jobs on-the-fly.

Dispatch Teams

Opmetrix Job Dispatch supports the ability for your organisation to employ multiple dispatchers (for example in different states or region) who each can control a subset of field team members and their jobs while head-office maintains the ability to see all activity and details nationwide or globally.

Detailed Job Sheets

Job sheets contain all the relevant details including schedule and duration to complete the work.  

The customers address may be the system default or full street address lookup is included, for dispatch jobs to any location.

Integrate with the Opmetrix Platform

All Opmetrix field features including invoicing, surveys, tasks, call notes and photo capture can be used in conjunction with Opmetrix Job Dispatch.  

We connect Wholesale and Service distribution companies to their customers with one platform - Opmetrix.

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