While you are offline you can still view sales documents such as price catalogues or promotion sheets directly within the Opmetrix App.

Documents must be first loaded by your head office Opmetrix Administrator and are then automatically synchronised to the mobile App. After this the documents can be readily accessed at any time from the out of store menu, in-store menu or even during a sale.  

To access documents, select the Documents tab from the left-hand Menu, as shown below, then tap on the document you want.

Tap on a single document to open a preview of that document then use either the Full Screen icon or the Open With icon (top right of the preview screen) to fully open it. After this you can email, share or print the document.

Offline documents are also available on the Opmetrix Team (Smartphone) App under the Menu or Action options.

Note:  If a Documents tab does not show in your App, this means that no documents have been uploaded. Contact your Opmetrix Administrator and ask them to upload online copies of the documents that will be useful for your sales team. (You'll find that your suppliers will have many PDFs and such like with product information that will help you sell more of their product, so get your Procurement Team to work with your Opmetrix Administrator to ensure you have all the documents you need.)

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