Opmetrix Version 6.0 includes new features and reports for the CMS Back Office and also includes a new mobile app release for field users.

The Opmetrix Team app designed for smartphone has also had some major design changes. 

There is a separate article on Opmetrix Team App Version 6.0 to help users adjust to these new changes and features.

All Key Highlights 

Offline Document Distribution

Do away with Drop Box or any other online document service. Opmetrix now offers offline document storage for field app users.

Sales documents such as price catalogues or promotion sheets are now available to view offline, directly within the Opmetrix App.  

Documents are loaded from head office, then distributed automatically to the field team.

New Sales KPI Reports

Strike Rate Report - a useful KPI measuring the percentage (%) of visits where a sales transaction (eg an order, invoice) was generated during that store visit.

Time Card Report - measures the start of day and end of day times and % of Active in-store time vs downtime in-between store visits.

Opmetrix Administrator Updates

The maintenance of Saved reports and Automated Portfolio reports has been updated so Administrators can access all saved reports and Portfolios. The Admin can then reassign Reports and Reporting decks from one user to another.

Journey Plan Call Cycle Updates

A much requested feature to reassign a set of journey plan rules from one field user to another user has been added. It's now a simple procedure to move all appointments when one staff member leaves and a new user is added.

Safe In-Store Pass

The New Zealand FMCG industry has been a leader in health & safety improvement for many years with it's Safe In-Store Pass (SISP) accreditation. Field users can register their Safe In-Store Pass directly within the Opmetrix app and can then tap and display a digital copy of the SISP pass. Further enhancements such as reminders to renew the pass (every two years) helps improve compliance. 

Employers benefit too. As SISP passes are often paid and issued to individuals, the Opmetrix reporting system summarises a list of all users in the field including their current Safe In-Store Pass details, ensuring businesses can check all their team are safe to be in-store and have the required credentials including safety and food handling statuses.

Apple iOS 11

New Apps have been released for both the Opmetrix Sales App (Tablet) and also the Opmetrix Team App. These new releases have been tested and approved against the latest Apple operating system release - iOS 11 due this month.

We recommend that all users upgrade to the latest Apps which can be downloaded from the Apple, Google and Microsoft App stores.

Next Steps

Our support desk is available to assist and train on any new features or help with any questions. Contact us here.

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